9. How accessible are we?


We are determined to ensure that the school is accessible to all both in terms of our curriculum and our facilities and that every pupil is enabled to take part in all that the school has to offer, wherever possible providing additional support or making necessary adjustments.

The school compiles a Profile of Need (see Appendix 8) detailing anything that might have an impact on the attainment of pupils (ranging from whether a pupil is left-handed to whether they have a diagnosed special need) and surveys pupils and parents at least annually to establish whether additional support is needed to support them/their children. For some pupils, additional arrangements and adjustments will be made to enable them to fully access standardised tests. This might include additional time, rest breaks or the use of a scribe or word processor.

The school has clear, child-friendly signage and all information is visually supported where possible. There is wheelchair ramp access to all areas and every effort is made to ensure that there are no physical barriers to participation for any pupil.

The School is constantly evaluating and attempting to improve its accessibility and produces an Equality and Accessibility Plan each year (click here to view the current Plan).


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